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Our Philanthropy:

The Black Women's Agenda, Inc.

Eternally Chic Boutique, LLC directly donates 10% of profits from our "Black Is Beautiful" Collection to The Black Women's Agenda, Inc. based in Washington, DC.

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The Black Women's Agenda, Inc. 


"A disproportionate number of black women are represented within statistics related to poverty, and lack access to economic and educational opportunity. The Black Women’s Agenda, Inc. (BWA) is devoted to advancing, securing, and protecting the rights of these women. Constantly, the women of BWA strive to acquire greater understanding and cooperation about issues that affect all women and their families, while searching for new knowledge and new conceptualizations about said problems. Through the establishment of social priorities (an agenda), BWA facilitates discussions that lead to effective policies and meaningful change. Their continuous vigilance on issues affecting Black women worldwide empower women to step up and mitigate the gender gaps that affect women in our society."  

What BWA Does:

In order to accomplish its' mission, BWA:

- Conducts continuing assessments of the status and roles of Black women.
- Recommends data-based public policy changes which would enhance the status of Black women.
- Convenes an annual Workshop and Recognition Luncheon in Washington, DC.
- Educates the public through workshops and other mechanisms about the economic, social, and civil liberties issues relevant to the needs and status of Black women.
- Publishes at regular intervals newsletters, reports, Congressional “alerts”, and issue papers.
- Facilitates collaborative relationships with and among many national Black women’s organizations.

BWA Program Offerings

How To Help

Let’s Work Together!

Mailing Address:

690 Main Street #670

 Safety Harbor, FL 34695

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